Voodoo Swing

Voodoo Swing is Shorty Kreutz on lead guitar and vocals; Leeroy Nelson on drums and hollerin’ and Tommy Collins on the doghouse double-bass. Their unique style of rip-it-up Rockabilly first attracted England’s Nervous Records in 1993.

Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos & Scars, is the Voodoo Swing sound you expect … But then your attention gets caught by the banjo in the country song When death comes a callin’.  And so each song can be a bluegrass, honky-tonk suprise, with rockabilly in between.
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2013 marks the band’s finest work in their 20-year career. “Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos & Scars” is a 14-song masterpiece that represents the band’s thoughts, angst, joy and trials of living music. With the support of their producer Olivier Zahm, they expand sonic American landscapes to pedal steel, piano, saxophones (from bass to alto), fiddle, banjo…They stretch their sound beyond more blues, bluegrass, honky-tonk as well as loads of talented guest musicians: notably the crooner Pat Roberts (& The Heymakers), the multi-instrumentalist powerhouse Shea Marshall, as well as country fiend Tony Martinez.

The trio’s energy is captured in great detail, perfectly captured by the old-school recording process of Electric Lotus Music. The album was released internationally on February 20, 2013.

In 2014, Voodoo Swing decided to move forward and focus on more individual projects. To celebrate its 20 years career, the band will showcase its roots music know-how for 2 farewell shows in AZ in June, before starting their last Europe tour the same summer.  Come meet the most energizing ambassadors of authentic roots music, and your privilege to discover 2014′s most exciting blues release.

Shorty K debuts a solo chapter based on his love for Blues.

After 20 years given to the rockabilly trio, leader Shorty K decided to follow his Muse, his love for the sound of Blues guitar players such as Dave Gonzalez (The Paladins), Jimmie Vaughan, Steve Cropper, Kid Ramos… He’s just recorded his first solo album “Full Custom Boogie” at Electric Lotus Music in Phoenix, AZ, produced by Olivier Zahm, to be released in Fall 2014.

Shorty K worked notably with legendary Brian Fahey (The Paladins) and other fantastic musicians who definitely know their blues: Jeff Naylor and Shea Marshall from the Sugar Thieves, Ryan Baker, Tommy Collins, Ali Salcedo, Kevin Tangney, Mark Witt and the soulful singer Kenyata Christina for a duet “a la” Ike and Tina Turner.

The result sounds as if Shorty traded his hair pomade for cooking grease. “I really wanted this album to be my tribute to all of the amazing blues guitar players who have influenced me over the years. With the help of Olivier, Brian, and Jeff, it evolved into something even better than I’d hoped for.» explains Shorty. « This album has been a true labor of love. I hope that Voodoo Swing fans, as well as new fans out there like it!”