Pat Roberts and the Heymakers

You Honk, They’ll Tonk. They Croon, You’ll Swoon.

Pat Roberts and the Heymakers are well known AZ staple for their authentic rockabilly/honky tonk music and Pat’s trademark crooning. In 2011, the band recorded its first album “Lonesome and blue”. Classic country and rockabilly songs largely influenced by Pat’s heroes (Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, Faron Young). Beautifully vintage featuring Roberts’ weatherproof crooning talent. In 2012, the band is noticed for its cover of “Creep” (Radiohead) with a unique Southwest signature. The band  now incorporates Amanda Lee, singer and bassist, and Tom “Hacksaw” Coulson on drums. In 2014, they recorded their second album. 

New Album “Devil”

It still sounds roots and vintage, but explores new territories from jazz to Latin music. All songs are brand new originals. “This album is definitely a big step forward for me as far as songwriting.  More complex chords structures and hopefully more poetic lyrics.” explains Pat Roberts. His influences are based on his encyclopedic knowledge of American music:  “Bo Diddley was definitely an influence, also Link Wray and T-Bone Walker. Nick Curran is one of my favorite artists. The song “Dark Blue” was influenced by Billie Holiday‘s “Gloomy Sunday”. The song “Angel From Above” was influenced by Roy Orbison, and I wanted the orchestration to be like his records. Also, Ricky Nelson albums are very cool, with James Burton on guitar. When I was a kid, my favorite musician was Glen Campbell, his songs always had very lush arrangements, and super cool guitars too.”

Strings, piano, pedal steel, percussions came to complete the trio for a rich and refined production. The songs shine with velvet tones and bittersweet gravity.

Pat’s vocals travels easily from a style to another, reaching the height of his talent on the Cuban haunting ballad, featuring Marcos Crego on the piano, that gave the title to the record. It’s devilishly beautiful.

“Devil” is to be released in Fall 2014. Here is a first teaser:


Reviews of “Lonesome & Blue”

This album is easy to listen to, great vocals by Pat. And The Heymakers, well, do know how to make good music. Certainly an album you must have!
Rockabilly-on-line – Nov 2011 – Read more…

For fans of clas­sic coun­try and “billy heavy” rock­a­billy, this is a great record (…) these guys deserve to be sup­ported. Buy this record!” Rockabilly Romp – Dec 2011 – Read more…

If you like authentic roots music you will keep with great respect the album ”Lonesome And Blue” (…) know how to cherish like if it were a musical testament of what happened in the past fifty years musically, when all happened in this genre of rockabilly and rock and roll.
Rootstime – January 2012 (Belgium) – Read more…