Cecile Hortensia

Second album Forest Highlands

Forest Highlands

After her first album “Papillons” in 2012, exploring cultures and music styles, the most American of French artists releases her second LP “Forest Highlands”. With her crystalline and sultry voice that make her signature, Cecile Hortensia delivers delicately crafted songs whose style is inspired by artists such as P.J. Harvey or Muse.

We are proud to bring to you this elegant combination of rock, folk and pop, 70% anglophonic, with an irresistible French  ”je ne sais quoi”.

More about Cecile Hortensia

Cecile Hortensia mixes a gaul-like Chanson style with a dash of country and western on this mix of bohemia and Nashville.
She delivers French songs, in style and attitude, with a Left Bank flair. Her delicate vibrato is quite alluring, and actually works well
on folksy honky tonkers such as “Ray LaMontagne” and “Coyote.” Her wispy nasal deliver is well suited for the country swing of
“Rolling Down the Route 66” while the haunting “Your Person” has some dark (…) Intriguing mélange of sounds.
Jazz weekly – January 2013

Cécile, who was born in Nancy, France, grew up in the French Alps and now lives in Arizona, fuses her French roots with her adopted American culture in a bilingual, bi-cultural collection of songs. Abandonment, confusion of feelings, passing time… the album Forest Highlands explores the different facets of love and life. The vocals and melodies are delicate and pure. Elegant rock arrangements magnify the songwriting into a chic, coherent and definitely touching album.