The Sugar Thieves


Their nickname ? The Arizona’s finest shakin’ meat blues band!

Their reputation goes way beyond their state. The Sugar Thieves are an award winning Blues band from the USA.  They have shared a bill with B.B. King, Taj Mahal, and Robert Cray, to name a few. They have been voted Best Blues Band in their state of Arizona 3 times, and just returned from Memphis Tennessee where they competed in the International Blues Challenge. There they received The People’s Choice Award from the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale St, and were semi-finalists in the all around competition. They tour in the US and  performed in July 2013 in France at the Cahors Blues Festival. They’ll be back in Europe for the summer 2014.

They have independantly produced five albums since 2007, releasing their latest album “Plywood Palace” recorded at Electric Lotus Music studio in Phoenix, AZ, in September 2012. In July 2013, they started to collaborate with Electric Lotus Label.

The Sugar Thieves will energize you with their powerhouse Delta Blues songs, and soul searing ballads.  You’ll hear sounds of New Orleans, Chicago, Memphis, and more. You’ll love too Mikel’s raspy vocals and melt under the hot Etta James’ feel in Meredith’s voice. Shea Marshall will amaze you playing back and forth keys, sax, clarinet or harmonica. This sharp dressed five piece will give you a performance that is worth writing home about.


TV Show “Songwriters’ Showcase” (PBS) – May 2013


The embodiment of the future of blues .. they are soulful and sassy, sincere and optimistic in a way that only the blues can be.” Sarah Ventre – Phoenix New Times

“Arizona’s most ass-whoopinest band, Blues or otherwise” Washington Blues Society – Highway 99 Blues Club

 ”If your meat’s not shakin’ before they’re done, check your pulse. You might not have one.”Riverside Bluesfest – St. Mary’s Blues Guild

 ”Whether its lead vocalist Meredith Moore’s extraordinary set of pipes or Shea Marshall’s ability to play two saxophones at a time, The Sugar Thieves performance is like a rumbling freight train that shakes people of all ages to their feet.” - Jazz on the Green – Omaha Performing Arts

“When I was judging I was going nuts on the inside listening to them. I could hardly contain myself” –Debi Stamm – The Daily Courier

“When the Sugar Thieves play, their union of the Big Band sound with a Jazzy Soul finish delivers creates a sound one would be hard pressed to duplicate or dislike. Every performance is like a party that starts on the stage and spills over into the crowd, reminding people how music was in the past and showing them what they have now molded it into. They have their own unique mix of history and experience that all people can relate to and enjoy.” Bre Cline – Yab Yum Music