The Dukes

The new indie rock sensation with a French Flair

The rock duet composed of French pair Shanka (from band No One is Innocent) and Greg Jacks (from the multi platinum pop-rock band Superbus) comes to the USA this Spring to present their latest album “Smoke agains the beat“. A powerful combination of rock, punk and pop with an irresistible French  ”je ne sais quoi”.

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Touring in Europe, the band is flying to the new continent in 2015 and will hit the US roads to present their latest album with Electric Lotus.

Official release: May 16th, 2015 !!! 

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THE DUKES are based out of Phoenix, AZ and Paris, France. Created in January 2010, their first album “Victory” was released in Europe in 2011 with Caroline Records/Universal. The Dukes gained attention for their mix of loud rock, pop, and blues and the album’s unusual production process, which is a sway from the usual French group.
Recorded in Umea, Sweden by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) and mixed in Brussels by Charles de Schutter, the album “Victory” injected a dose of raw power on the European pop-rock scene. After two years touring in Europe, notably as a support band for British band The Subways, the question of the second LP arose.

In 2013, Shanka and Greg decided to record the album in Los Angeles with Jamie Candiloro, a young producer known for his work with REM, Courtney Love and Ryan Adams.
The 12 tracks of this new LP “Smoke Against the Beat” combine a hypnotic force, brutal and electric poetry, and raw power rock’n’roll, all enriched with 70’s synth sounds. The inspirations are varied:  Daniel Johnston, Son House, The Gun Club, QOTSA, The Stooges… But also Daft Punk and Archive.

A punk urgency that animates the whole album, a pop quality in the songwriting, rooted in the blues roots of rock music (…) on a snapping and precise rhythmic base (…), the superposition of guitars gives an anthemic effect to each track. ” Le Monde

The Dukes dug into the roots of the Blues and Punk to find the material to create emotional pop that is accessible yet powerful, all while staying true to their “sweet songs with unsweet sounds” motto.

In addition to sounds, The Dukes are also visual artists. Their personage “Smoki”, a half-wolf, half crocodile created by Shanka, is drawn with a Sharpie marker and epitomizes the DIY fury and the “Art‘n’Roll” spirit that animates the group. Available in all forms including animation, stop-motion, comics and action figures, the Smoki universe is an expansion of The Dukes. “Smoki” is all the more important now that it has been in the expert hands of comic book artists such as:  Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead), Gerald Parel (Iron Man), Carl Critchlow (Thrud), Eric Herenguel (Krän)…
Finally, the stage show has machines, scenography, projected animated video clips designed by Shanka, and an original light show that creates a visual presentation reminiscent of a Stanley Kubrick film for the live performance of this Indie Rock duo. A must see!

A successful confrontation between neat pop and basic riffs that will remind you of the Stooges and draw the outlines of an intoxicating power pop.” Rock & Folk.