Devil – Pat Roberts and the Heymakers

Pat Roberts and the Heymakers — Devil
Release date : Sep. 20, 2014
Label : Electric Lotus Label

Pat Roberts and the Heymakers release their new album including powerful songs "a la" Roy Orbison for its velvet tones and bittersweet gravity. Faithful to classic country and rockabilly, the band dares beautiful incursions in jazz, blues and latin music! The album is a mature Roots record with lush and elegant Production, featuring Roberts’ weatherproof crooning talent. Devilishly beautiful!

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Voodoo Swing — 7 inch Vinyl
Release date : Oct. 23, 2013
Label : Electric Lotus Label

2 best tracks of Voodoo Swing 2013 album "Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos and Scars": -Lost yesterdays - My Rockabilly Martian Girl

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Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos and Scars

Voodoo Swing — Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos and Scars
Release date : Feb. 20, 2013
Label : Electric Lotus Label

The Roots Music Arizona trio releases their latest album Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos and Scars.Voodoo Swing remains faithful to retro, roots music and traditional American Rock'n Roll: painting rich contemporary nuances with greasy touch of darkness. 14 tracks + booklet.

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Cecile Hortensia — Papillons
Release date : Oct. 12, 2012
Label : Electric Lotus Label

French Folk singer Cécile Hortensia blends cultures and music styles in her bilingual debut album "Papillons". A mellow journey held by her crystal-clear voice. 12 Tracks + Booklet.

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Plywood palace

The Sugar Thieves — Plywood Palace
Release date : Sep. 14, 2012

The Arizona Blues band released their latest album “Plywood Palace” in September 2012. With their 5th album, The Sugar Thieves remain faithful to their blues roots foundation, adding new gourmet flavors of folk, rock and even country waltz. The record takes you through a complete Americana experience, held from the beginning to the end by the strong vocalist duet. Close your eyes, you’ll hear the music cherished and celebrated by Etta James, Bessie Smith or Tom Waits. You’ll get the very best of America! 10 tracks

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Lonesome and Blue

Pat Roberts and the Heymakers — Lonesome and Blue
Release date : Sep. 03, 2011
Label : Electric Lotus Label

Pat Roberts and the Heymakers released their 1st album in September 2011 called “Lonesome and blue”. A stunning record mixing great traditional influences with Pat Roberts warm and passionate vocals, and creative songs that make it an elegant and authentic roots music masterpiece !

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Keep on Rollin’

Voodoo Swing — Keep on Rollin'
Release date : May. 07, 2011
Label : Electric Lotus label

Keep on Rollin : Voodoo Swing s first Electric Lotus Label release premieres this Summer of 2011 in Phoenix, AZ. Their new album features distinct tear-it-Up Rockabilly, thrusts both by the combo s virtuosity, and their sponsors, Gretsch and Knucklehead Strings. Guest starring Bindi Modela s vocals and the exceptional Wyatt Maxwell on lead guitar and lapsteel, make Keep on Rollin a tour-de-force that ll be hard to match. We feel it is our best work to date, representing not only our tenacity and stubborn work ethic, but also those of dozens of other roots music bands, who persevere, and log thousands of miles on the road.

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Refried Voodoo Beans

Voodoo Swing — Refried Voodoo Beans
Release date : Feb. 01, 2011
Label : Electric Lotus Label

Pure and energizing roots rock/rockabilly album with a dash of Blues.

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