Electric Lotus Label, Southwest’s Roots and Avant-Garde hub

Electric Lotus Label was created in 2011 as the natural expansion of Electric Lotus Music recording studio well known for its roots and old school approach of production, delivering a fresh and organic feel that modern means.

The label promotes cross-pollenization between top session players, artists, and industry professionals to work productions through out-of-the box management, marketing, digital production, and licensing.

Where roots grow deep :  We’re not just doing it, we’re doing it right, against the odds, and the test of time


For booking or any other information, feel free to contact us.

Electric Lotus Label LLC

4225 E. Robert E. Lee, PHOENIX, AZ  85032
:  480 336 8353 – contact@electriclotuslabel.com

Label’s Team

Artistic Direction, Studio Production, Marketing and Artist Management:: Olivier Zahm - : 602 793 3801 –

Executive Account: Carlos Pereira – , Laurence Zahm