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Shorty Kreutz — Full Custom Boogie
Release date : Dec. 15, 2014
Label : Electric Lotus Label
  1. It's alright baby
  2. Boomerang (featuring Kenyata Christina)
  3. Quit jivin' me
  4. Rich Man's Blues
  5. Up To The Skies
  6. West Coast Thang
  7. Full Custom Boogie
  8. Nursery Rhyme Boogie
  9. Sinner Hopin' To Be Saved
  10. Heavy Load

Full Custom Boogie – Shorty Kreutz

After 20 years given to the rockabilly trio Voodoo Swing, leader Shorty K decided to follow his Muse, his love for the sound of Blues guitar players such as Dave Gonzalez (The Paladins), Jimmie Vaughan, Steve Cropper, Kid Ramos… He’s just recorded his first solo album “Full Custom Boogie” at Electric Lotus Music in Phoenix, AZ, produced by Olivier Zahm. Shorty K worked notably with legendary Brian Fahey (The Paladins) and other fantastic musicians who definitely know their blues: Jeff Naylor and Shea Marshall from the Sugar Thieves, Ryan Baker, Tommy Collins, Ali Salcedo, Kevin Tangney, Mark Witt and the soulful singer Kenyata Christina for a duet “a la” Ike and Tina Turner.
The result sounds as if Shorty traded his hair pomade for cooking grease. “I really wanted this album to be my tribute to all of the amazing blues guitar players who have influenced me over the years. With the help of Olivier, Brian, and Jeff, it evolved into something even better than I’d hoped for.» explains Shorty. « This album has been a true labor of love. I hope that Voodoo Swing fans, as well as new fans out there like it!”